We are a Pork Specialist company for F&B and Supermarket industry, with 365 day support from end-to-end solutions like food production, processing and supply chain management, logistic and warehouse service.

Integrated Food Solutions

With an integrated food and supply chain management system, we offer sustainable innovative solutions backed by end-to-end capabilities.
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A Leader in Premium Pork

Premium globally-sourced pork packed with intense flavour and unparalleled tenderness. We are also one of the largest importers of Iberico Pork.
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Temperature-Controlled Warehouses

Extreme temperature range control for the safe and secure storage of meat and food products, in full compliance of the ISO 22000 Quality Management System standards.
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365-Days Islandwide Delivery

Comprehensive islandwide delivery coverage with our own fleet of refrigerated trucks. 365 days a year including public holidays.
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State-of-the-Art Equipment

Advanced food processing equipment for maximum productivity and product yield, backed by in-depth understanding of the pork industry, meat varieties and cuts.
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Centralised Production

Centralised production system, logistics management and lean operation flow for optimal efficiency, to pass on cost savings to our customers.
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Customised Food Products

Customised pork products according to client needs, tailored for different markets in Singapore, Japan and Southeast Asia.

Why Choose Us?

Holistic and sustainable F&B supply chain with end-to-end solutions in logistics, warehousing and food quality assurance

Premium quality at affordable prices

One-stop solution from sourcing to storage

Optimise workflow and inventory management

Achieve productivity and manpower cost savings

Food quality and safety assurance

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