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Eurasia Global Food first started out with a vision to share quality pork across the world in 2011. The Group has since grown to a conglomerate with over 130 members with strong growth in sales, revenue, and capabilities.

As a forward-thinking company, we thrive on constantly creating innovative methods to set new benchmarks, leading the industry with our commitment to the highest freshness, quality, and safety standards.

Eurasia Milestones - Singapore Operations
(Excluding Pork Global Trading Business)

Revenue: SGD

4 Million

  • 5,000 sq ft factory
  • Main business: Whole sale and food processing

Revenue: SGD

9 Million

  • Started retail brandin supermarket
  • Provides 365 days warehouse logistic service
  • Started factory automation

Revenue: SGD

10.9 Million


Revenue: SGD

17.5 Million


Revenue: SGD

19.5 Million

  • Started 63,000 sq ft factory renovation in Mar 2020
  • Moved to new factory in Aug 2020
  • Covid-19 impacted growth

Revenue: SGD

25 Million

  • Covid-19 impacted growth

Revenue: SGD

35 Million

Note: Eurasia Global Food Milestones for Singapore Operations Revenue figures exclude global pork trading business
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