Premium quality tailored for your needs

You can always expect the finest from Eurasia Global Food where quality and freshness are our priority.

When meat producers and processors can come together, customers benefit from better product quality and pricing. By serving as this bridge, we help take your business to the next level with innovative win-win solutions and cost savings.

We go to extra lengths to ensure that your preferred meat choices are carefully processed with our state-of-the-art equipment and advanced quality control capabilities from our factories and warehouse in Singapore. We are in full compliance of the high standards required by the ISO 22000 Quality Management System.


Evenly coats our meat products in a quick and efficient manner.

Rheon Encrusting Machine

Allows us to fill the inner of our meat products with different fillings.

Cooking Kettle

Customise broth and sauce according to the different temperatures, duration, and cooking methods.

Thermoforming Machine

Final meat products undergo skin pack.

Blast Freezer

Freeze multiple food products at one go to maintain its freshness and quality.

Static Machine

Defrost the meat products via static to protect the cells of the meat product.

Breadcrumb Machine

Customise size and length of breadcrumbs to achieve different texture for panco.

Slicer Machine

To slice the meat products more precisely according to the required thickness.

Combi Oven

Bake and steam meat products accordingly.


Injects filling directly into meat products.
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